What Is Your Personal Brand And Why Does It Matter?


If your personal website is a channel for you to promote yourself, then your personal brand is the foundation and basis for the content you offer on this channel. So what is a personal brand and why does it matter? A personal brand is your core identity; it is the personal and professional character you manifest, your style, your values, and the unique set of talents you present to the world. Once you know your personal brand, own it proudly

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Hello Universe


Hello Universe! Yes, that’s right, I think it’s time to move beyond the standard “Hello World” and reach for the stars! This mindset is what drives RyanKing.co and its mission to help people expand their universe, and position them for success and new opportunities. So who am I and how does RyanKing.co accomplish this mission? My name is Ryan Charleston, and I’m an experienced marketing and sales professional, entrepreneur, thinker, and tech geek with a passion for digital art, music, science and

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