6 Benefits To Having A Personal Website


Much has been written about personal branding and if you do a quick Google search or sift through LinkedIn, you can read numerous articles about the subject– Even books such as Promote Yourself : The New Rules for Career Succss, or Impressions: The Power of Personal Branding and Living an Extraordinary Life.

However, some may still scoff at the idea of a personal brand, perhaps thinking it sounds a little gimmicky, salesy, or superficial. To be fair, some people, although they do still have a personal brand, they may not have a need to promote that brand or are forbidden from doing so (such as a government employee or secret service agent). Everyone else can benefit from understanding, defining, and actively promoting their personal brand.

However, your personal brand is not like a corporate brand, it’s not something you cook up in some board room meeting or look at market trends to try and conceive or invent. No, your personal brand is like your DNA, a unique fingerprint that is uniquely you. A personal brand embodies your collective interests, passions, values, character, lifestyle, and the unique set of talents and skills you offer the world. This is something that can be in constant flux and evolves naturally over time. I subscribed to this notion on my personal website (RyanCharleston.com) with the slogan “A Constant Work In Progress.”

Once you know your personal brand you can promote it, and in doing so you open the door to connect with other likeminded people. This increases the potential of attracting new opportunities into your life.

A good start to promoting your personal brand is with a personal website which is what RyanKing.co is all about!

The necessity of having a personal website to promote yourself and promote your personal brand is clear. A personal website can serve as your “home base” and the center of your online presence, a place that is uniquely and creatively yours, a place where you can be free to speak your mind.

To sum it up, here are my 6 benefits to having a personal website:

  1. Control – A personal website gives you the freedom and flexibility to control your online presence. You own the website and you can add and delete content as needed, and monitor how you present yourself publicly. To some degree, yes you can do this on social networks, but technically you don’t own the content you distribute there.
  2. Visibility – Whether you’re an independent consultant, entrepreneur, job seeker, student, experienced career professional, visibility is an important part of career advancement. It’s not always a matter of who you know, but rather who knows you. With a personal website you can promote yourself, your brand, and your work in a way that gets you indexed in major search engines like Google, and gives you a digital identity online that is public and more visible.
  3. Influence – A personal website allows you to be more visible and accessible online. This allows you and your content to influence people all over the world. Having influence helps you expand your personal and professional networks.
  4. Reputation – Most of us care about our reputation, especially if our profession is directly linked to it. A personal website goes a long way to building and maintaining your reputation. A testimonials page on your website and/or positive comments left on your blog articles further solidifies your personal brand and reputation.
  5. Differentiation – In today’s competitive world, resumes and social profiles are not enough to tell your unique story. Although a paper resume and LinkedIn profile may be important and useful (and free), they’re also quite limited and very “cookie-cutter.” If you want to express and communicate your true self online you must have the freedom and flexibility to manage your own website. Get creative and differentiate yourself.
  6. Opportunity – The end goal of a personal website is to position you for success and attract new opportunities into your life. By putting yourself out there, defining and promoting your brand, gaining visibility, having influence, building your network and reputation, and differentiating yourself, your foundation is set and you’ll be more likely to attract the people and opportunities into your life that you desire.

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